Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The First Step is The Hardest...

Pant…pant…GASP! I can’t breathe! In lieu of stretching, I decided to blog for accountability. Even though, I didn’t wanna do it, I got myself up on the old Sole E55 today and elliptical-ed my way through twenty minutes of pain. ridiculous! I have never, and I mean ever, been this weak.

I would say out of shape, but even in days when I had strength and six-pack abs, my second hand smoker lungs could not even grace the track for a mile. As much as I loved freedom upon moving away from home, I embraced a love for cardio. And I mean heart pumpin’, blood sweatin’, cardio. LOVED IT! It took a lot of hard work to build up the strength to make it through long runs and two-hour “Grosso” Tae kwon do workouts. But I did it…and now it’s gone…

Not only have I lost my cardio, I’ve lost my strength. What have these kids done to me! My arms feel like jello, there is cottage cheese cellulite in places I didn’t know could have it, my stomach looks like an old rotten potato…and at the risk of too much information… (edited...becuase it really was too much information!) Now that’s just wrong.

So with all this said, I have a plan. Yes, a plan. I’m going to be a lean, mean, Momma Machine. This month, I’m merely going to focus on regaining minimal strength. I will start with cardio and add weights when I feel I have been consistent. Once this is established, what my body has not already forced me to change, will be changed on my diet. I feel that when you work out, your mind and body sometimes force you to make some nutritional changes, such as more fluid intake.

It’s never too early, so let me share my New Year’s/Beginning in December Plan: (some of this does not pertain to just physical health and is no particular order…
  1. Simply, start working out at least 5 out of 7 days.
  2. Drink more water.
  3. Eat less sugar.
  4. By April 2010, resume training for my second-degree black belt.
  5. Run the CASA 8K on June 12, 2010.
  6. Spend at least 6 months out of 2010 not pregnant, nursing, and/or both.
  7. Spend more time studying scripture.
  8. Find a church family.
  9. Pray more as a family.
  10. Spend at least one night a month with my husband without babies. (Not enough, but a start.)
Totally did not know that would come out with a nice even number of 10. And a side note, I have never had even one New Year's resolution before.

Here’s to accountability!


The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

That is a good list! I am so out of shape! Not cardio wise, but the stretching. I feel so old. I can barely touch my toes :-(

We want to join the YMCA and my daughter and I want to do Pilates and other classes together. I would never go alone, now I will be motivated!

Tony C said...

WHOA! You could have left that third paragraph out!

You're pretty strong-willed/bull-headed...my bet is you'll do what you say you're going to do.

I mean that in the kindest, gentlest way.

Amanda said...

LOL I love it! I'm trying to start running...even though I work at a gym and work out at least 3 times a week, doing something different if making me feel like a wimp! I love your list...sounds like you're trying to accomplish a lot of the same things I am.

Tracy said...

Adore your phrase "lean, mean, Momma machine" - you go for it!

Veronica Lee said...

Great list! Good luck on your resolution!!!

Mrs. Wilbur said...

Fabulous list! I'm with Tracy, LOVE the "lean,mean Momma machine" hehehe. You'll do awesome, we'll be here to support you!

Stina said...

Wow what a list:-) You are definitely way ahead of me (I need to get off my butt:-).

Definitely here to support you:-) Good Luck

Two Normal Moms said...

Love your list and your great attitude! I'm with you on 1,2,3,7 & 10 (although I have no babies anymore, a night without the teenager is still good!)
And honey, if I'm not with you on #6, I have got a HUGE problem on my hands, because my baby is 15 and I'm NOT starting over! :-)
But I am on a mission to get back in shape after falling completely off my fitness wagon in the last few months while we went through some tough times. I'm weak as a kitten and breathe heavy going up the stairs!
So I'm right there with you on that!