Friday, March 23, 2012

I always needed closure...

I did. I do. I always will need closure. I could just let this blog sit out here in "space" until I have time, or even the desire, to write. But I believe the time has come to say, "The End."

God has taken me so many places since I started this blog two and a half years ago. I started searching for myself outside motherhood and found motherhood is where I am to be for this season of my life. And this season of life has opened to me the evidence of my ever, constant presence needed by my children.

I often think about things I have wrote about on here and recently shared with a friend how arrogant I have been to offer my opinion and advice on mothering, homemaking, and homeschooling. All things I am very, very new in myself. In the past years of writing, I have found myself bordering on legalism and losing grace. I have found myself caught up in blogs and book suggestions that have left me depending on man to tell me where I should go and forgetting that only God can tell me what is right and good for our family. I think about past posts and my desire to go back and edit so many of them...knowing that the rigid thoughts I may have held even one year ago I know longer feel the same about. I praise God for the path He is taking me on and where I have been as well.

So, I move on. Maybe starting over one day...far away when God has given me much more wisdom. I leave here to focus on my God, my family, my freedom in Christ, and His never ending grace. And to my own surprise, even myself. Sometimes, we come full circle realizing balance can be an all too important thing and denying yourself for the sake of Christ doesn't necessarily mean neglecting yourself.