About Me

I began this blog in October 2009 with the hopes of finding myself outside of motherhood. Through the process, I found that God used motherhood to serve Him and lose me. I am a changed person by the complete grace of God in my life. I am Believer, wife, mother, and homemaker.

I write about faith, worship, and service to God. I write about motherhood, marriage, homemaking, and home education. I write with an open heart and an open home...I hope you can see in and see the struggles and the triumphs. And most importantly, I aspire to write for the glory of God.

In search of who I am, a blog is where I came. I lost myself somewhere through the process of motherhood and must find the new me. I need to be an individual. I need to be a wife. This is my journey in finding how to have it all. I once was intriguing. I once was thoughtful. I once was funny. I once was me... can I find me now?...and then I realized I'm not supposed to "have it all." God called me to serve my family and lose myself...not find me! Matthew 16:24