Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Sweeter Side of Life

Dear Friends,

I must let you know…it’s not always this bad. Since I was a small child, I have followed the same pattern. When I am sad, I write. When I am mad, I write. My journals are quite depressing. It is how I release my emotions.

The truth is this.... I have an amazingly helpful and supportive husband and three beautiful children. I serve an amazing God who has providentially placed amazing people in my life. So amazing that they made this walk a lot easier than the previous one. Many of you that have emailed me and messaged me only know me through the blog…you don’t see my silly antics and pictures on facebook. You don’t get to see me pushing my kids in swings and taking picnics and going fishing. You don’t get to see me when I do enjoy life…because then I’m too busy enjoying it and I don’t want to stop and write. I’ve received enough concerned response…I felt like I should let everyone know some things.

The truth is the first two or three weeks after I had my precious Anna, I didn’t cook a dinner because my sisters in Christ provided them for me. The truth is those same sisters have allowed me to borrow or offered their daughters to come allow me to rest. The support has been incredible and I praise God for His provision through them.

But, my previous two personal posts are still a reality. Hormonal things happen to many of us in varying degrees. I do have days when I am sad…but I also have very enjoyable days. Postpartum blues are a very strange thing to me. It is overwhelming at times when my little angel nurses that I am overtaken with sadness, tiredness, and nausea all at the same time. But praise God again! I have a dear friend that experiences the same thing and we can support each other.

I also believe it is a reality that having a 3 year old, a 2 year old, and a newborn…is HARD! And top that with postpartum blues and there is surely going to be tears. Wait, take away the postpartum blues and there is going to be tears! Especially, when there is intentional parenting involved.

So, friends, those who know me personally and those who don’t, thank you so much for your prayers and please keep praying…I need them. I’m sure many of your prayers were God’s means to make my days enjoyable.

Much love to you today!


Trisha said...

Yes, Michelle, having 3 3 and under is HARD! And there's no doubt in my mind you are enjoying your babies, too. :) I'm so glad to hear the body of Christ has ministered to you in most practical ways. Continuing to think of and pray for you.

Love and hugs!

Tony C said...

Listen to some Funky Cold Medina...that should help.

Thank you God for being who You are!

Camille said...

What a precious post Michelle! How wonderful to *see* your heart and *hear* your joy in the LORD and HIS provisions! One day at a time WITH HIM!! And...don't be too hard on yourself...just do the basics and the rest will fall into place later. Nursing and loving your children for this season is enough....what a blessing that many are coming alongside to help...don't feel guilty to receive it. I will pray for you right now.

Camille (Psalm 46)

Sarah : ) said...

I'm just glad I'm not the only one who feels overwhelmed right now, lol! But seriously, know that you are in my prayers, because I know how much I need them right now, too. I keep reminding myself that God knows exactly where my sorrows and frustrations are and that He will carry me through this season by His grace. We love you, and so need to get together and just be goofy ;)

Michelle said...

Thank you all for your prayers! You're right Sarah...we need to get together soon!