Monday, May 31, 2010

Resolution #5: Check

After one and a half months of training, our Memorial Day morning was spent running an 8K-road race…in the sun and the rain. Number 5 has been accomplished and two weeks earlier than expected!

CASA Road Race 009

After two weeks of what felt like near pneumonia, I managed to run right into the finish line at 51:00 minutes. (This is two or three minutes LESS than what I expected!) I came in about 10 minutes after my darling husband had crossed the line. Somehow, someway, I placed third in my age division with Nate finishing second. AND…we won a Last Will and Testament from a local attorney as a door prize!

CASA Road Race 015

We’ll be running two races each in July. Run! Run! Run!


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

How AWESOME are you?! You look FANTASTIC running in that picture...I'm so proud of you!! I also think it's phenomenal that you and hubby are doing this together. What a way to bond!

I'm starting a brand new workout tomorrow. We'll see how that goes... :-)

Keep running!!!

Crystal Mary said...

Good onya Mate! Well done.
If you see a gentleman in Wal Mart with a grey ponytail and beard about 60ish,5'10" and NOT overweight, it may be my hubby Ray! Say hello! He is back there for 2 weeks. Hugs to you!!

Tracy said...

Good for you!!!

I think it's so cool that you & Nate both enjoy this together as well

Tony C said...

(Cue Chariots of Fire music...)

Did you let him win? Just between us...