Saturday, May 15, 2010

What you missed at 6AM...

When my feet not so reluctantly hit the pavement at 6:04 this morning, I didn’t realize what all you were missing while I was running. I had so many observations that the run became rather mentally refreshing.

As I started I noticed it was kind of cool and pretty foggy outside. My earlier 2-mile runs this week were rough so I jogged easily as I knew this would be a long run. (When I say long run, I’m speaking mentally not distance.) My mind always wanders while I’m running and my goal is to keep it away from how much more I have to run before I can stop.

This morning I observed the sun rise. I observed the birds gathering food and heard their beautiful song. I smelled honeysuckle. I heard the dogs barking at me and hence I surely woke up the neighbors. I heard a cow giving birth…at least that’s what I’m assuming it was…it was quite strange.

I realized I wanted to change my weekly runs to morning runs…it’s too perfect not to. I realized at a 10:30 or 11:00 minute pace I could run forever. I realized thinking about writing is better than thinking about running when you run.

Occasionally I would change my stride to see if something else made me faster; I quickly realized this put out of the “run forever” pace and stopped changing my stride. I reaffirmed that finishing with breath is more enjoyable than finishing fast and feeling like I’m about to die.

I ran over a shotgun shell. (Did I mention I live in the city limits?)

Forty-three minutes and twenty nine seconds later I finished my four miles and I kept running. I decided to trot on down Pilot Circle. Note to self: there is a large black dog at the end of Pilot Circle in the mornings. He meets you with a loud bark and an intimidating eye.

As I walked back in I realized the fog had faded and it wasn’t so cool. For some reason I was surprised that my hair was wet…it was like the work I had just done was somehow easy and sweat was an odd thing.


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I am so jealous. I can't run here. My knee and ankle get in a fight with the hills in the road every time, and I'm the one who gets the limp in the end! I can do flat, which means treadmill. Ugh. Your run sounds MUUUUUUCH better.

What a great morning! Have a great day to go with it, my friend!

Tony C said...

The one thing I didn't like about my time in the USMC was all the 5:30 am runs. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of them...

Good for you sticking with it. Carry pepper spray.

Tracy said...

I'm SOOO impressed. Good for you for finding something so healthy that you can enjoy