Friday, June 4, 2010

Announcements and a James Soles CD Giveaway

I decided to take some time to announce some changes to Finding Michelle. Well, really not some changes, a change. I’m going to make an attempt to post at least twice a week on Monday and Thursday. I have finally decided there is too much I want to “journal” and I’m missing all sorts by not taking the time to let my creative juices flow. I’ve got some posts on back up and I’m going to try to stay ahead this time!

I’m pleased to say that as I write this…Nate and I will be having our first overnight date in THREE years! We are both so excited. So, this is contributing to Number 10, but I guess only God knows if it will interfere with Number 6! ;)

Just FYI: Kimberly at Raising Olives is having an awesome give away for a Jamie Soles CD. If you haven’t listened, check him out. I have had the opportunity to listen to some samples and really enjoy what I hear. Go over and visit Kimberly. Stay awhile and you’ll see the hand the of God in their lives.

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!

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Mike said...

Wow, you are doing great on your list of 10 accomplishments! Great for you!!! May I ask what discipline you hav a black belt in? Awesome!