Saturday, November 7, 2009

Drop The Towel and Smile

For those of you ladies that have not yet had a baby, understand this now, showers are wonderful. Showers are orgasmic. Enjoy them now because after babies, showers will never be the same. In the early months, you may be happy to even take a shower once a month every couple of days. When showers do happen, baby will probably be in tow. I used the bouncy seat until I found Lily climbing off the side of it. I then used snacks and high chairs. I occasionally would close the door and open the cabinets; that keeps them busy, but results in a small additional clean up. Sometimes I would use the cage crib. At any rate, showers and small babies or children can be a task. The more you have, the more creative you must be. You find a love for the weekends when you might get a nice shower and possibly enough time to shave your legs for the year.

This was one such weekend. Baby Bear was asleep for his morning nap. Papa Bear and Little Bear were playing with baby dolls. Everything started out fine. I was enjoying the hot water and the steam. (Like I said, it becomes almost orgasmic when it happens so infrequently.) Suddenly, through the shower door I see Papa Bear and Little Bear creeping in. I obviously know something is up. The door opens and there stands Little Bear with a tall cup of cold water. She loves to throw cold water on my feet when I shower. I have no idea where she got this idea. Ahem. Anyways, she throws it on my feet, I fake scream to let her know it’s cccooooold and carry on. However, Papa Bear is not finished. He opens the door and I manage to dodge another big cold cup over the head. I don’t mind reminding Papa Bear, “I’m getting myself ready for tonight so if I were you I would think before you get anything started.” Doh! That one gets him. After saying something about that being cheap he walks away head down and tail between legs. Of course, this is not before I must endure at least one cup of the H2O. It was COLD!

Sigh. Finally, I proceed with my orgasmic shower. As I’m finishing up, I see Papa Bear and Little Bear approaching. I decide to dry off in the shower to keep myself safe. I wrap up in the towel and when I open the door what do I see? None other than Papa Bear with camera aimed and Little Bear with camera phone in hand. Now come on. All I ask for is a little peace once a week. He’s obviously upset about the towel wrapped body. I go on and remember something I wanted to tell him.

Me: So, I was talking to my mom…

Papa Bear (holding the camera with a sheepish grin, eyes darted to the left and up.): uh huh...

Me: Listen to me! Quit thinking about whatever you want to scheme about and listen to me!

Papa Bear: What! I am listening, you said….

Me: All I ask for is a little time. Is that too much to ask?

So, I drop the towel and smile. He gets the picture and him and Little Bear go their merry way. I enjoyed those few moments of peace preparing for the day.


Debra said...

I enjoy your blog and I gave you the lemonade stand award. Go to to get it!

Tracy said...

Made me laugh to read about the fun with husband and your daughter.

It is difficult however, to get those moments to yourself when your kids are young.