Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vacation 2011

I have finally moved my pictures from our trip to Myrtle Beach over to the computer. Now the question do I choose out of 400 photos which ones to share? And then...after that...what do I do with these 400 photos? What do you do with all your pictures?

Here are a few of my favorites! Enjoy.


Looking for Mommy

Not so sure about this.


She likes the beach!

The cousins have arrived!

Love this picture!

Nana doing what she does best!

Nana and Anna

Sweet Hanna
... And Halli (I'm relying on my four year old to tell me which one is which.)

How I spent my mornings.

My sweet blessings

Please tell me how to get 5 kids 6 and under to all smile at the same time?

Silly J.J.

Our view every morning...


Trisha said...

You're beautiful, and so is your family! I love seeing these pictures, and I love your baby girl's chunky legs. So cute!!! How wonderful that you had a great time away, and as far as the pictures go....I fear I'm too lax in putting them in photo books. I think digital scrap booking might be the answer?? I have a friend who has done really well with that.

Petra said...

Love your photos. Looks like you all had much fun. :-)

Camille said...

What a FABULOUS looking vacation! How wonderful that you got to go and enjoy! How fun that the cousins and Nana were there too. Such great memories were made I am sure. :)

Many blessings,