Thursday, September 15, 2011

Securing a Quiet Growing Time

A mother's chief responsibility for the first six years is to secure for her children "Quiet growing time--and free growing time--the freedom of real play (not lessons that look like play) and of ordering one's own life.”

 “The games mother and baby play together naturally, without any special training or effort, are exactly what a baby needs to develop properly- at least to age 2.”

"Tommy should be free to do what he likes with his limbs and his mind through all the hours of the day when he is not sitting up nicely at meals. He should run and jump, leap and tumble, lie on his face watching a worm, or on his back watching the bees.... nature will look after him and give him promptings of desire to know many things, and somebody must tell as he wants to know; and to do many things, and somebody should be handy just to put him in the way; and to be many things, naughty and good, and somebody should give direction."

"...Health, strength, and agility, bright eyes, and alert movements, come of a free life, out-of-doors, if it may be, and as for habits, there is no habit or power so useful to man or woman as that of personal initiative. The resourcefulness which will enable a family of children to invent their own games and occupations through the length of a summer's day is worth more in after life than a good deal of knowledge about cubes and hexagons, and this comes, not of continual intervention on the mother's part, but of much masterly inactivity."

All quotes can be found in Charlotte Mason's Home Education, Volume 1.


Trisha said...

It's amazing, too, how much of this they do naturally. My children love the outdoors and find the most amazing things to do, even though we don't have lots of equipment, etc. Enjoy this time, my friend. We often make it much harder and more stressful that it really is.
Love and hugs!

Gregg said...

Beautiful pics of the little ones! If mine were only that little again.

Petra said...

Beautiful quotes and pictures! I also agree 100% with what Trisha said. Blessings!