Friday, October 21, 2011

My Poor Attempt at BLW

For some reason or another...I found myself intrigued by baby led weaning. It started with my desire to make my own baby food and asking some advice from Kimberly. The more I read about baby led weaning the more I loved the idea and knew this was the way for me.

I navigated the Wholesome Babyfood website and wrote down recipes and ideas about a month prior to when I planned to begin solids. With my other two, I was eager to start solids at 4 months. With the first the eagerness was the fact that every "first" was a momentous occasion I was awaiting. With the second, it was the mere hope that food might make this mad, crazy baby sleep! So, holding off until after 6 months to start my baby on solids was a totally new thing. And so was making my own baby food...that ended up not actually being baby food per se but just table food.. So, yeah! I get to skip making baby food purees! (For that to make more on BLW.)

As that six month mark passed and the seventh month approached, I decided to adventure out into the world of solids with Anna. And much to my chagrin, BLW and my personality do not mesh well. And Anna refuses to eat solids right now. I attempted on vacation to let her play with a banana. Oh dear...the mess that followed deemed this attempt not appropriate for vacation. I decided to wait until we got home.

At this point, I threw some oats in the blender and cooked them and mashed up some banana for her to try in her high chair. Do you know how hard it is for a perfectionistic, neat freak NOT to use a spoon and to allow the baby to actually make a mess?! This was hard. And she could care less about eating it.

I decided to attempt the spoon with bananas, oatmeal, and avocado. She is not having it. And Anna and I agree...this is what we think about BLW. (Please note...we were coming from the beach. We normally don't travel with our entire house in the van.)


Ma said...

This is pretty much what I did with my last two. I didn't know it was a thing! I really liked the not having to shove food that they don't want in their mouth thing.

She's a cutie:)

Petra said...

I didn't know it was a thing either and pretty much did this with both my babies (when they were babies eons ago). Give Anna time and different things to try, she'll get a hang of it. She sure is a cutie!

Trisha said...

I couldn't wait for my first to start eating solids, but with my last two, I didn't start until they were 9 months (having read that somewhere). :) And that's worked just fine. I also gave up on the homemade baby food, though I truly admire the Mamas who stick with it (no pun intended). I just had to pick and choose what I really had time organic baby food was my way for awhile.

I used a spoon. They did fine. And they all know how to eat at a table now. LOL!

Oh, dear, just enjoy that sweet baby of yours and feed her the way your Mama love tells you to. (yes, I know there can be arguments to that, but you know the heart of what I'm saying. Toss any guilt and use a spoon if you'd like).

Love you, my friend!

Crystal Mary said...

Babies should be started on rice cereal that is mixed with milk to begin their eating process. Feeding a baby too young on solids is not good for their liver. About four months is about right. When my children were small I cooked vegetables with a small piece of beef or chichen cooked in the same water (not a huge amount). I removed the meat just leaving the broth and blended the vegetables (carrots, potato, beans,spinache squash) with about a teaspoon of olive oil. This was eaten over two days and each small serving heated (not in a microwave) before serving. To heat I sat the small container holding the food, in a bowl of hot serve luke warm. Care needs to be taken not to overcook or overheat as this destroys the vitamin content. Cooked oatmeal with milk water and honey, can be blended. Also, yohurt is very good after 6 months of age. Leave off the fruit till after that age also. But give juice especially apple. God Bless. CM