Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sometimes…Plans Change

It was only a week ago that I spout out how I planned on finishing my systematic reading of the Bible by the time Ms. Anna arrives. For the past nine months or so I have been reading through the Old Testament. My original plan was to finish in 6 months…which would have been possible if I had not been reading Chronicles when my morning sickness kicked in! This threw me off my plan and into small daily doses of Psalms. I eventually kicked back in to gear and realized if I doubled my reading assignment for the day I could finish before “maternity leave.” And then…

I reached Isaiah. Prior to Isaiah, I was just “reading” through, covering the material if you will. Besides, other than CHRONICLES, I had read most of it before so I was able to tread covered ground and pick up more this time around. Well, I can’t do that with the prophets. I need to study the prophets. So, I set aside my timeline and my thin Bible that I carry everywhere so I can read anywhere… And I drug out my old, stand by me, teach me all things Bible, and have started on the endeavor with no timeline and with only learning in mind.

Today I will begin chapter 7. The thing that stands out most to me about these first six chapters of Isaiah is the similarity between Israel and the state of America currently. The rebellion is the same and it is hard for me to keep in mind while reading that this is before captivity. That Isaiah is not talking about us.

Your princes are rebellious, And companions of thieves; Everyone loves bribes, and follows after rewards. They do not defend the fatherless, nor does the cause of the widow come before them. Isaiah 1:23

I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them. The people will be oppressed, every one by another every one by his neighbor; the child will be insolent toward the elder, and the base toward the honorable. Isaiah 3:5

For Jerusalem stumbled, and Judah is fallen, Because their tongue and their doings are against the Lord, to provoke the eyes of His glory. The look on their countenance witnesses against them, and they declare their sin as Sodom; they do not hide it. Woe to their soul! For they have brought evil upon themselves. Isaiah 3:8-9

And this is why plans change…I cannot just read the prophets. What was Isaiah saying to them? What was Isaiah saying to us, if anything? Can we as rebellious nation learn from the rebellion of God’s chosen people? My prayer is that God will help me to learn and to know Him better as I finish the Old Testament.

(Note: That Bible I was talking about can be found HERE. If you are looking for an excellent study Bible, this is it. I have the older edition which is red letter. It appears the newest edition is not red letter. I have only seen ONE other Bible like mine in seven years! The pages are very thin but the information in this Bible far surpasses any study Bible I have ever seen. I HIGHLY recommend it! If you have any questions about it just let me know.)


J.Rat. said...

That's why they're "prophets." I've also found interesting similarities to the current state of America and the Roman Empire prior to its fall...but that's more socio-political than BIblical. So much Roman architecture in DC....

Gregg said...

This is why I don't like nor recommend reading plans.

Ma ~ said...

Isaiah is so full of goodies! I haven't done a verse by verse through it, but it is wonderful.

I do see the similarities between Israel in rebellion and the USA of late for sure.

Gregg said...

Michelle, I have decided to award you the Stylish Blogger Award! Your nomination, award, and notification will be in my Friday, Jan 15th post. You can pick up your award by going to my site and clicking on the awards button and copying the award to your site. Congratulations!