Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pregnancy Woes and Potatoes

Along with the excitement of a new bundle of joy, pregnancy has many other things to offer. Gasping for air. An unlimited intake of Tums. Waddling induced by aching hips. But for me...the best of all is medical grade compression stockings. Some of you may know them as TED hose. Either way, each morning before leaving the bed, I must wrestle and grapple with what should be impossible. I pray daily there is no hidden camera in our room catching what could be damaging collateral as I "waller" around the bed.

I couldn't help but notice the other day that the end result reminds me a bit of my childhood. It was a neat little craft we did with was so strange the striking resemblance my thighs have with....

The Pantyhose Potato!!!

Oh well...I'll be up and running again soon.


Ma ~ said...

What a cute potato!

I HATE those stockings but had to wear them with every pregnancy after child #1. I have saved them, but plan to burn them once I can no longer have children:P

Cathy M. said...

No one looks attractive while putting on hosiery. I go into another room so my husband wont see me. I feel like I'm stuffing a huge sausage casing. Cute spud, btw.

Michelle said...

How funny!

And I must say...I stole that picture off of google images! I guess I could've made my own potato! ;)

Jennifer Gideon said...

I was an engineer at the plant that MADE those TED's!!! I thought only geriatric folks wore them!! Now I'll probably end up wearing them with my next pregnancy!!! Love the new page layout!!