Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Order In the Home

I hope since my last post you had a chance to check out Fly Lady. My home was never in CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome). But Fly Lady’s routines were right up my alley. I love schedule and routine. Since having children, there have been a little fewer schedules and a lot more routine. I believe routine is pertinent for the development of anything, but flexibility is just as important for our mental sanity. (That’s another post for another day.) My purpose today is to talk about how we can handle our weekly chores.

Explaining weekly chores requires a little bit of explanation about our day. It is very important for Mommy, especially Stay at Home Mommy to be up and at it before anyone else in the house. (If not, Mommy may not get a shower…I know we’ve all been there. And please don’t forget to brush your teeth.) On an ideal day, my day starts between 5:30 and 6:00. I use this time to shower and get myself ready, clean my bathroom, iron Big Daddy’s clothes for the day, and make my bed. On my better days this is when I exercise or read for the day.

I have a few chores that I complete daily. Obviously, staying home means dear ol’ kitchen is cleaned around three times a day. Other daily chores include kitty litter, sweeping the wood floors, and whatever Fly Lady Zone I’m working in. (The daily chore from Fly Lady divides your home into zones. You work on one zone per week leaving no need for spring-cleaning. This coming week we’ll be in the kitchen.) Another daily thing for any mommy wanting to keep her home clear of clutter is a pick-up. Often pick-ups seem overwhelming but if everything has a place this should only take 5-10 minutes. I usually do this twice a day. Once in the morning and once before the kids go to bed while they are doing toy pick up. I also try to do small pick ups throughout the day just to maintain some kind of control.

Now to those pesky weekly chores, this is what my weekly chores look like:


I can’t imagine trying to do all my chores in one day with two toddlers. I remember my mom worked and we usually had a cleaning day. That was when I was older and there was only one child. I know for me things changed a lot from even one to two. I also can’t imagine what it will be like as our toddler and preschool world grows. I do know without some sort of routine, CHAOS will wreak havoc.

I try to finish all my daily and weekly chores by 9:30 and 10:00AM so that I am available for my babies…the real reason I’m present in this home. Besides, with potty breaks, diaper changes, meals, and squabbles…I really don’t have time for housework to be in my way!

I really hope this is as informational, (and maybe even a little inspirational), as I want it to be. I believe we can all have more peace when there is order around us. There are more posts to come, including the favorite things about my home, why I think order is important, and maybe even…my least favorite things about my home. I know many of you mommies are a few years ahead of me on this game…so, please, any tips you would like to share would be great! Let me know if you have any other ideas or questions about having a clean and quiet home.

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Crystal Mary said...

Hello Michele, Although all the work may feel a drudge at day, when you are older like me, you will wish you had it and your little ones right back there again..
I looed forward to when my children went to school (I had four). When they reached teens, and began work. The years flew by and I enjoyed them they all have their own lives and families. I see them at times, but not all the time. AND I miss it very much. Lately my eldest daughter's daughter married. She is almost twenty two. I went with my daughter to visit her new home. It was my own daughters fourty forth birthday that day, and I sensed her sadness.
When they all fly the coup and the nest is empty, then you treasure the many floor sweepings and dinners prepared. Much love from Ozzie Land.. Crystal

Gregg said...

Order is great! Somehow I need to get my car on the list of orderly cleaning. It gets missed so often and for so long.

Michelle Cox said...

I am a huge Fly Lady fan too :)

I love her emphasis on routines, but I especially like her philosophy-- you're not behind...don't try to catch up, just start right where you are. This is what really hooked me because I can be a perfectionist/procrastinator! She mixes just the right amount of grace with order.

Ma ~ said...

I just stared FLY lady, about three months ago. I love it:)