Monday, October 4, 2010

The Home Series

The vision I have for my home is one of calm and control…two things that have not been in existence for almost a month now…let me quote a recent Facebook status: “After a month of birthdays, a funeral 2 3-day trips, two rounds of a weeks worth of poo, a yard sale, and changing out closets for the season... I’ve made an attempt to get this house under some kind of control. After replacing an entire shelf of books back on the book shelf, I walked over a container of dumped out crayons, passed a bowl of cheerios dumped in the kitchen floor, made myself a warm beverage and for the first time sent my kids to their rooms and said, I need a minute.” Because I did, I needed a minute. I needed an hour…or two. I wanted someone to just come get them so I could get this place back to a clean slate. I seriously almost started crying when J.J. sat down, dumped the Cheerios in the floor, and in the back ground I heard Lily wanting me to change her shirt because she dropped yogurt on it.

Today…I have found peace in a clean home. And I have decided with the beginning of my favorite season and the month of October, I will share a little taste of home. How do things work around here? What are some of my favorite things about home? Why do I think calm and control are so important?

Along with this little series of posts, I’m going to do a Daily Do on my Facebook page for one week…not on a blog page but that little Facebook badge down there on your right. If you are not already, “friend” me to get the “To Do’s.”

The list of chores I give you will help put you ahead where you will never have to spring clean your home! Each day you will do something small to get yourself a step ahead of the game. Several months ago I became acquainted with FlyLady. It didn’t take long for her 20 trillion emails to overwhelm my account and I signed off. I believe I have found a method that will help calm the email chaos and want to share the love with you. I’ll handle the emails and will post my daily “To Do’s” for you so you don’t have to check it out. Rather than using the email method, following FlyLady on Twitter or Facebook allows you to choose what you want to read without taking too much time and space with your email account.

I do suggest checking out FlyLady to learn about shining your sink and 15 minute clean ups.

I look forward to getting a handle on all the messes with you! Stay tuned for my upcoming post about how I handle daily and weekly chores.

The Home Series - This post
Order in the Home- upcoming
A Taste of Home- upcoming
Why Order Is Important- upcoming
The Piece That Holds It All Together- upcoming


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I love the concept of the Fly Lady, but when I looked at it, I was overwhelmed. Seriously. But I would love to see how you break it down...because I'm flexible that way. :-)

P.S.-Sometimes, when you have little ones, you just have to ignore the mess until you can get it taken care of. Keep gently training them to clean up after themselves, and one day, one glorious day, you won't have to step over the dumped crayons and slip in the yogurt spills. It WILL happen; until then, don't let it get the best of you. We've AAALLLLL been through it. Don't let the "vision" of perfection cloud reality, m'kay?

The vision is a GOOD thing, but it's only an ideal. Kids are still kids, no matter how much you try to keep things spic and span. :-)

Michelle said...

I'm with you on Fly Lady being overwhelming. I don't do a control journal and I ignore ALL of the emails except the Daily Flight plan. I like the concept of having a zone for the week to focus on. My next post on Wednesday says more about that...

And you know better than I do that with toddlers around..."ideal" is only sporadically if ever reached! I believe this series evolved out of how out of control it got around is more of a motivation for me to keep up and not let things get so out of hand!

Missy said...

So happy to see these home posts coming...this past weekend I had a mini mom breakdown on the lack of control I actually had... Hope you're great!

natalee said...

oh my god... you verbalized what i was feeling.. i feel like cleaning up after my kids is like shoveling snow in a blizzard....i need your tips...hurry!!!!!!!!