Monday, October 11, 2010

A Little Taste of Home

Come with me and take a walk inside…let me share with you some of my favorite things about our home. This is post 3 in The Home Series. As you will see, I adore cozy and country. So, grab some sweet iced tea and come on…

These are two views of my all time favorite room.

home series 001

This room is usually toy free…it is where we enjoy our meals and can sit with no distractions. The low lighting of the lamps are perfect for cozy.

home series 002

I believe fresh flowers are wonderful and I don’t put them out enough. So, ladies, next time you make a trip to the store…treat yourself to a fresh bouquet. It will really add freshness to the room.

home series 010

Nothing says country like an embroidered pillow thrown in an old chair…

home series 015

I also like to change up my decor with the seasons…

home series 014

This is our Wedding Sampler located in our bedroom…Genesis 2:24. Hanging below is an antique towel rack I use for my necklaces.

Antique towel rack used as for necklaces...

So, there is a taste of some of my favorites. What do you like about your own home? We spend our days worrying about what is not right. Take today to think about the things you love and what God has blessed you with in your home.

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Nony the Slob said...

I love all of the little touches that make your home so warm! Love the color choices too!

I also adore cozy and country, but am often at a loss about how to achieve it.

Holly said...

Very nice! I love being a voyeur and checking out other people's decorating styles. Oh I wish I had an ounce of your creativity!!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Awwww...this is just what I would have imagined your home to be. Very warm and friendly...inviting. Just like you!