Monday, April 12, 2010

Shelly Frank's Cheesy Red Potato Salad

Watch out Paula Deen!

I just had the best potato salad of my life…and it was MY recipe! Here is the deal. I can cook good foods, but I’m not a good cook. If that doesn’t make sense let me put it this way… I’m food ignorant. You give me a good recipe, and it will taste as if the chef made it his or her self. (Well, maybe not that good.) But to handle things on my own, that’s unheard of.

Today I had some red potatoes I wanted to roast and well… I’m baking a bone in chicken in the oven and cooking time would really confuse me if I threw in some potatoes, too. (Like I said, cooks good food, not a good cook.)

I went on a recipe search for cooking the potatoes on the grill and nothing really sounded good so I went with winging a Tater Salad recipe on my own. I figured surely I had enough ingredients in there to get something going…so here goes. The best tater salad EVER.

Shelly Frank’s Cheesy Red Potato Salad

Stuff you need:
(This is my quantity for my 2 adults, a 2 year old that eats like a bird, and a 1 year old that eats like a bear ready to hibernate.)

6-8 Red Potatoes
3 Eggs
2 chopped dill pickles
½ a large sweet onion NOTE: Green onion would probably be better, I didn’t have it on hand.
Black peppercorn crushed (aka, pepper)
Salt (I just dump it in, I don’t know how much? Same with the crushed pepper)
2-3 globs Tbs of mayo
Sargento Bistro Blends® Sharp Wisconsin & Vermont Cheddar with Real Bacon

Boil your red potatoes whole for about 25-30 minutes. You should be able to pierce them with a fork.
Boil your eggs.
Chop your pickles and onion.
Go ahead and dump in the salt and pepper and mix it up.
Chop your eggs and mix in.
Cut your potatoes into wedges trying to keep the pieces about 1 inch to keep it chunky.
Add mayo.
Add cheese according to your own taste. I probably used about ½ cup.

Enjoy! Good stuff!

(I got Sargento shredded cheese on sale last week at Food City. The blend is sharp and mild cheddar with bacon if you want to make your own.)


Tracy said...

Sounds tasty

Tony C said...

I'm beyond words...

Do I even know you?

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Uuuummmm...I've got news for you.

That's the kind of thing that a good cook does. Just my observation.
Bacon + cheese + potatoes = fave