Saturday, April 17, 2010

My baby boy is one!

My little J.J. came into my world a mere year ago and how this year has flown by. We got off to a rough start but my love for him has been so overwhelming from the beginning. When his dad wanted to throw him out, I held him close and just loved him. For those that know J.J., you know his smile and eyes steal your heart the moment you look at him. He is rambunctious, loud, fussy, and uncontainable. At the same time, he is loving, funny, adorable, and cuddly.

After Lily and I made his cake and cupcakes, we headed out for a day at our favorite park with friends and family.

J.J. patiently waited for his sister to blow out the candle before digging in his cake. (Notice the icing already on his hands…) Nana said he’s the only baby she’s ever seen that you didn’t have to put his hands in the cake! She missed him ripping his plate off the table and me catching chicken tenders in mid air ten minutes earlier.

Happy Birthday, my J.J! I love you!


Tina said...

Happy Birthday J.J.!! It looks like he wore himself out with all the birthday fun!

Tracy said...

So Precious

Tony C said...

Great pictures...that last one is priceless. Oh to sleep like that again!

Time for #3...let's go Nate...batter up!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Very Sweet!

We made an Elmo cake with red paste food coloring. Sarah's entire face and arms were STAINED for 3 days!!!