Thursday, April 8, 2010

Modern-Day Homemaker

Let me paint a picture for you, my picture of the modern-day homemaker. I agree with the ladies over at LAF that say the world wants you to believe the homemaker is the weaker option, especially if that means being submissive to your husband and depending on him. But there is a bigger picture, one seen for generations to come. Visit LAF to see a different picture.

In all honesty, I believe the term “modern-day” homemaker may not be fitting for the women of LAF and myself. Maybe if you just add Christian to the phrase? I believe there are other homemakers out there that have a different vision than we do. It’s that lifestyle that destroys the vision of where we are going. Some of us have just found this path and find that we are often unbalanced and confused as to how to get on the narrow, godly path and away for the worldly highway. This is my picture of the homemaker.

We awake early to spend time with the Lord in prayer and His Word. Our prayers are for His guidance to bring up our children in the way He would have them to go and to not fall into worldliness. Our prayers are for His Hand to be on us all day, every day.

We are ever present with our children and involve them in our daily lives. They are by our side while we cook and clean, do errands, talk with friends, and worship God. We won’t get a job when they go off to school because they won’t be going off to school. We read, study, and pray voraciously because we know their lives are in our hands. Our concern is not what the world may think, but what God commands. We realize that to teach modesty and humility, we ourselves must be modest and humble.

We try to teach our children to rejoice and praise God in all things. We desire for our children to know God and to be given new hearts. We teach them about their sin and their need for Christ, not on Sundays, but every day and when they sin. As we disciple them, we are more convicted about our own sin that we have seen in them. And then we teach them by our own actions, we must always turn back and depend on God.

We see a sick and dying culture. We see men of little faith. We are reminded of Abraham. We are reminded of how he was given the promise though he never saw the land. It was through his descendents that God fulfilled His words. We see our children and their children and their children being servants for God.

So, our days are spent preparing them for just that.

(And let me add…just as we teach our children to repent, our own repentance is unending because we fail…DAILY.)


Tony C said...

You are doing one of the most important jobs in our society...which has become a lost discipline and lead to a realigning of the moral compass for our society.

Homemakers have become underappreciated mainly due to the skewed views of social progressives.

Great post! You carry the banner well!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Sweet friend, you read my heart well. I love this job, or rather, this life I have. Most of the time, anyway. And when I don't, it's only because, once again, I need my perspective adjusted.

"As we disciple them, we are more convicted about our own sin that we have seen in them. And then we teach them by our own actions, we must always turn back and depend on God."
AMEN, and Amen.