Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I recently read a blog from MckMama about Blogging Boldly. I really don’t think I have a problem being authentic or blogging boldly. However, she alluded to the fact that we sometimes sugar coat things whether it is our blog or our social networking status. Sometimes we paint a picture of things that is just not reality.

I could not help but think of Blog Boldly when I typed out “Rejoice in all things” on my Facebook status yesterday. Was I really rejoicing in all things? The truth is I felt very discouraged and like I needed to place something aside for a while. I believe we can all get too much on our plates at times. I believe what we can handle is different for different people. Some of us thrive in chaos and some of us thrive when we can place all of our focus in one or two areas.

My mind has been cluttered with domestic issues. I have a wonderful husband and children and I feel that I am not doing my best to present our home as a godly home. My mind is on frugality, modesty, and humility. Humility, Humility, Humility…it’s becoming my new mantra.

My mind has been preoccupied with the blogosphere as well. I am a pretty faithful follower and reader. Blogging can get pretty demanding sometimes. Sometimes you can get caught up in following and not leave time to maintain your own outlet. And when you do have time to maintain, you can find yourself very discouraged, especially when you blog boldly. Some days the support is there and sometimes you feel like the world is against you. I have felt recently that I have not even said anything that should have been controversial yet that is what it became. Let me be bold and say, sometimes I get tired of defending the gospel. Sometimes I am drained from the differences in the Christian faith. Every single word of God is important to me and I find no reason that one thing should be important and one thing shouldn’t. Every word is inspired and should be thought about critically. Every.Thing. Every.Word. Is this blog becoming a burden?

And then there is the whole health thing. I need to exercise. Or do I? I don’t know. As bad as I want to it is just not a priority. All I see is vanity when I think about it.

And then the most important thing is time for God. I need to be in His Word. I need to be studying and growing spiritually. I just feel dead.

So all in all, I need a few more hours. A few more hours that I’m not sweeping, laundering, caring, loving, washing, feeding, cooking, changing, driving, going…

A few more hours to do all of this with the attentiveness that I desire.

But shouldn’t I be rejoicing? I should rejoice in the fact I have found resources to live frugally. I should rejoice in the support I have found on my blog. I should rejoice in my health. I should rejoice in grace. I should rejoice in where God has taken our family. I should rejoice in what God is doing whether I like it or not. Like I said…

Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice! Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
Phillipians 4:4-7


Suzanne said...

Michelle-Blogging boldly is tough! I follow MckMama and I struggle with this because who wants to sound like a whiner all the time and then again, who wants to come off as perfect (we all know this is so untrue!) I decided to blog in order to journal my highs and my lows. I decided this 2 days ago. :0 Concerning how much time blogging takes, a long time ago a blogging friend mentioned setting a schedule to blog. I do that now and there is no guilt! When the clock strikes 6:45 am, I am done! I have kids to wake up...if I have a few minutes throughout the day (like now) to comment, I do!
As for the Christian faith, there are so many issues and the spiritual battles going on it all astounds me! It's a wonder that any of our marriages or families survive! But wait, are we only surviving? Seeing as now the divorce rate is up to 70%??! I really wonder what God has in store...end of days...more garbage to deal with? Who knows? Oh yeah, He does! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, it was great reading your thoughts on the matter. Thank you so much for linking to your post in the comments on my blog. You've definitely gotten me thinking about rejoicing!!!

Tony C said...

The good thing about blogging is that if it becomes a burden or hinderance, you can just walk away without dire consequences.

My blog has really been a pressure relief valve for me at times. On the matter of being yourself, I know you pretty well, and I would say your blog (and Facebook page) reflects the part I know of you accurately. Besides...a lot of people who don't blog and use social media sites still put on facades each and every day.

Blogging is a hobby for most, so just enjoy yourself. God will receive glory regardless, and you never know when someone might read your words at just the right time in their life to draw inspiration from them. It happens far more than the number of times you hear from someone through a comment or email.

Tracy said...

I so agree with Tony that I appreciate all the good stuff I can enjoy about blogging but I can always just walk away too if I need a break.

I adore your cited verses from Philippians here. Last year was a really difficult one for me at my work and God blessed me with 3 women that I was able to get together with at my home and study through Philippians. The timing on that study was perfect for me. I'm so grateful that I can experience God's joy no matter what is going on in my life.

Tracy DeLuca said...

Hi Michelle! Just wanted you to know that even if I do not comment very often, I am still reading every day. Your posts are always very thought provoking and honest.

Amy @ Raising Arrows said...

This post makes me think of another one I read recently where a well known blogger actually went to another blog to write b/c she couldn't write about personal things and bad things on her blog anymore. It was sad, yet, I saw glimpses of myself. I wrote something recently that my mom questioned me on and I thought, "oh no! Please tell me I don't have to start censuring what I write to please my mom!"

There is a fine line between writing uplifting content and being real. I pray I never get where I'm not me anymore...