Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hate speech?

I am completely flipping out here. The following paragraph was attempted to be posted on Facebook and was blocked as abusive content. Call me a paranoid Christian, but do we have something to worry about here?

"Now for my response. I'm a bit more theological than scientific. My original reply was not specific to the post on evolution but the blog as well as the First Presbytarian Website. Anyone can call themself a Christian, but the message that Christ gave through the gospel and His sacrifice is what historical Christianity was about. Historical Christianity has been lost because of folks like this saying they are Christian but denying the biblical principles and the very core of Christianity itself. The word Christian has obviously lost its meaning. Biblically speaking there is one gospel, one truth, and one deny that is to deny Christianity. This group seems to me to be a Unitarian church that has not gone through with a name change. Their beliefs are closer to paganism than Christianity by far."

This conversation is in response to this site and the church's website.


John Shuck said...

Hey Michelle,

I didn't block you. You are more than welcome to comment on my blog at the address to you linked to above.

I don't control what happens to posts of mine that people share on Facebook. If you aren't a friend of mine on Facebook, well, I don't know how that works.

You are certainly welcome to comment on my blog, to debate what it means to be Christian, whatever!


Tracy said...

I was gonna say that what you wrote seems an appropriate account of your thoughts and not attacking, but see above that the site author is fine with whatever you choose to say, it was just a facebook issue. I like fb but periodically experience snafus.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Well I agree with your comment...and see nothing offensive about it. I say Right On!