Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blueberry Jam

Several weeks ago, I posted about our wonderful day picking blueberries. At the bottom of that post was a recipe for blueberry jam topping.

Another recipe I have used to preserve the blueberries was simply blueberry jam. It is very easy! I did change the recipe up a little and used less sugar.

Blueberry Jam

  1. Take 9 cups of crushed (and washed) blueberries and 6 cups of sugar and mix together. I only use about 4 cups of sugar. (You can use a potato masher to crush your blueberries while it heats.) 
  2. Heat until all the sugar dissolves and the mixture starts to gel.
  3. Using your funnel pour the jam into your jars.
  4. Place lids on.
  5. Process in a hot water bath for approximately 10 minutes.
And that would be all for this year! Hopefully, you'll get to join me next year when I take a stab at pickles!

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Petra said...

That sounds so good, and I have no blueberries!