Monday, February 28, 2011

Still counting…

As we count down the days to 24, 23, 22… I find it harder to count the gifts. Not because I don’t see them, because I don’t have the energy to grab my pencil. I don’t have the energy to even pick up the book. So, I coast through this time knowing it is a season and it won’t be long before my blessings and gifts are counted in abundance. It won’t be long before she is here and I wonder what number she will be? And until then…I count slowly…

11. Pitter patter of feet in the early morning hours

12. A stranger praying for Anna Lee

13. Naps…much needed naps

14. Sister and brother making each other laugh…

15. Sister and brother laughter making this tired momma smile

16. Blessings, both needed and wanted, provided when we just wait

17. Dinner guests and great conversation

18. The little girl who exceeds my expectations

19. Free books

20. Knowing that this counting doesn’t have to be rushed and that it’s OK that I’m taking it slow and easy…counting and life.


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Hang in there, sweetie. I know you're tired; more importantly, God knows it. Those precious babies will wait for you to catch up to them in energy...and you will. Chin up, take a deep breath (as deep as you can, anyway!) close your eyes and smile. You're accomplishing God's highest calling in this season. Love you, friend.

Lesli said...

Hang in there Michelle! She will be here before you know it! And until then, help is on the way! What do you want for supper tonight?

Mike said...

I like the thought of posting a "thanks" for each day of the year. I might have to take that one up!

I noticed a comment you left on Gregg's page that you're reviewing an AW Tozer title. Where did you get it? From a book-review blog program? Or did you buy it? I love Tozer...ate his stuff up when I was in my 20's.

Michelle said...

Hey Mike. In case you didn't follow comments, I'll shoot you an email, too.

I got the the Tozer book from Bethany House Publishers. It is a book review blog program. The book is actually not what I thought it was because when I received the email to snatch it we were actually buying a car! I saw an "Tozer" and grabbed it. The book is "From the Library of A.W. Tozer: Selections from Writers Who Influenced His Spiritual Journey." Compiled by James Stuart Bell.

It is actually VERY good. You have excerpts from writings of John Bunyan, St. Augustine, D.L. Moody, Martin Luther, Spurgeon, actually all the "John's" : Calvin, Bunyan, Milton, Wesley, and Edwards. One or two page excerpts...I love quotes so this is right up my alley!

Mike said...

Way cool! Tozer was way ahead of his's kids culd stand to read Tozer today!

I'll have to check out Bethany House as well!

Grateful for Grace said...

It is a season. A glorious season. How I wish I could feel full with child again. Maybe just sit back and bask in this gift... this special time the Creator has allowed you to be part of. This fleeting time where you and Anna are together and you can feel her every move. It's such a gift.

I'm looking forward to seeing Anna's photos!

Camille said...

Slowly counting is just fine too! Hang in there! Your little ones laughter together is precious...enjoy these days!!

In Him,

Craig said...

Of course my fave now had to be this one - knowing the story - 18. The little girl who exceeds my expectations.

God bless.