Friday, September 10, 2010

Lily turns 3!

My little angel has turned three! I remember the days when she was a small baby and I couldn’t wait to have a toddler that spoke to me and walked with me. Some days, I can’t even remember that little baby…even though it by no means seems like she has been with us for three years. If you will recall, JJ wasn’t exactly the most peaceful addition to our lives. Lily, however, was just the opposite.

Lily is calm and sweet. It is only those that she loves the most that can calm her tears and her fears. Nate likes to refer to her as my little clone. I believe it is because she picked up those qualities of mine that drives him the most crazy. She doesn’t like to be tickled…except by her mommy. She really isn’t affectionate…except when she wants to be. And much to my dismay, she has my tone of voice and the ability to look at you like you are the dumbest person on Earth. Since the age of 2 ½, I have come to believe that God gave me Lily as a mirror to remind of who I am…to remind me of the life I am shaping and therefore, how much I need to work on me.

Just the other day, we were discussing how much she is like me. And I thought what an awesome gift to see what that sweet spirit can be when it is nurtured and protected by the hard things in life. From day one, she was the one I wanted to protect. She was the one I shielded from everyone else. I wouldn’t allow anyone to harm her. (Especially all those nut jobs that had already raised kids…because God knows they don’t know what they were doing. I read it in a book; I knew a little more than they did.) And this very day, I still stand protecting her. I will until I know she doesn’t need it anymore.

Lily had an interesting birthday. She attended her great grandfather’s funeral and luckily met her aunt and two first cousins for the first time ever. And after all that …we got our party on!

Lily's Birthday 3 002 IMG01005-20100909-1509

Lily's Birthday 3 010Lily's Birthday 3 009


Tracy said...

Way cool little girl cake!

It's quite interesting when we see our children take on our characteristics. When it's the good ones I feel grateful; when it's the bad ones I feel guilty.

Hannah said...

I would really like a peaceful addition to my family. Kates was a tornado from Day 1. Whew. Lily is a sweetheart!

Jama said...

One of my favorite Philips, Craig and Dean songs says, "Lord I want to be just like you, 'cause he wants to be just like me. I want to be a holy example for his innocent eyes to see. I want to be a living Bible Lord, that my little boy can read. Lord I want to be just like you, 'cause he wants to be like me." Oh, if I could only live that out every moment of every day. Glad to be walking this road (and struggling and growing) with you.