Monday, July 12, 2010

Perfect No Bake Cookies

I have loved cow patties for as long as I can remember. What I found to be the greatest difficulty is getting them to just the right consistency. A few months back I realized cow patties, a.k.a., No Bake Cookies, were my gift to the world. I finally found the perfect recipe that didn’t end with me eating them with a spoon. These are perfect for a quick treat or a special little gift. I’ve shared them with neighbors. I even paired some with my father-in-law’s favorite coffee for a Father’s Day gift. Here is the recipe for a batch of 12.

Boil in a pot on medium heat:

1 cup of sugar

½ stick or 4 Tbs of butter/margarine

¼ cup of evaporated milk

2 Tbs of cocoa

Once the above comes to a boil allow it to boil for 2 minutes: NO LESS, NO MORE…this completely affects the consistency.

Once you take it off the stove, add in:

½ cup of OFF-BRAND peanut butter (name brand peanut butter is too smooth.)

¾ cup of whole oats

½ tsp of vanilla


And that my dear…is the secret to Perfect No Bake Cookies. (Oh…and let them sit for a few minutes so they can settle.)


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I make these, and often! Except I never, ever make them without doubling the recipe. 12 is nowhere near enough! :-)

My recipe is a little different...but I'm curious about the evaporated milk...I'll bet they are really smooth with that in them.

My trick is when I put the butter in at the beginning, I melt it very sloooooowly before adding the sugar, and then turn the heat up to bring to a boil. It seems the sugar breaks down a little better and makes for a smoother cookie.


Tony C said...

A few years back, I got really good at making these in mass quantities (ahem). You are dead on in that timing is everything. For years, I watched my mom make her family-famous fudge and never use a candy thermometer. When I tried to duplicate the recipe on my own, I couldn't figure out how she knew when the cooking mixture had reached 235 degrees (soft-ball stage) which is critical in making fudge.

After my 5th or 6th batch of no-bakes, you learn the soft-ball stage by look and smell. Never count out the weather factor though. Candy hates humidity.

Look at me all Martha Stewart-y! Of course, you already knew this fat guy could cook... ;)

Tracy said...

I've never used the evaporated milk either, I'll have to try it and see how it works. When I've made "No Bakes", I too, have had difficulty with the consistency of the cookies, so I'll have to try your recipe exactly as written.