Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Inauguration

What a task this may be! Oh but a blog is what I need!

I've always had a lot to say but sometimes not the most diplomatic or constructive way of saying it. This is a constructive outlet, right? So here's to Finding me!

Maybe a little introduction will help me get started... A mere two years ago, I became a mother and stepped out of the workforce. Becoming a mother, I had certain expectations in mind. I wanted to consider myself a "retro-housewife." I was going to be Mrs. Cleaver of Generation X or Y... wherever I may fall. I was going to be sexy, fit, spiritual, and motherly to all of those residing in my house. SHREEEEKKKK! That's the sound of my brakes as soon as I brought Miss Lil' home. Two years and another baby later, I realize I've got motherly down... most days, and that's about it. In my constant nagging mind, I have information on parenting, sleeping, nursing, toilet training, spit up, diarrhea, John Rosemond, Kevin Leman, James Dobson... (I can keep going...) but no room for taekwondo, running, spending time with my husband, maintaining/rekindling friendships, or maintaining my relationship with God. Those are all things I did...before kids. I find myself missing who I was and wanting to be something more than I am.

So this is my journey. My journey to find who I am beyond the motherhood. Now, how do I take that first step...


Tony C said...

Awesome! A great start!

Being a stay at home mom is the hardest job on the none. But the sacrifices you make and influence you instill will eventually show in the lives of your kids as they grow up.

I'm so thankful I have a praying mother and that my wife is a praying mother too.

Good luck on your blog...I look forward to getting to know you all over again through your writings.

natalee said...

I'm following you now.. excited for the journey girl

Mrsblogalot said...

You just did! Now keep going!

(-: Melyssa

Michele McGraw (ScrappinMIchele) said...

Yeah! You are a blogger. Great start. I love the flowers on your blog template.

Momma Such said...

Great post! I think it's great that you are on a search to find yourself. I look forward to reading all about it! Being a parent is not always easy, but it is so very rewarding. As a mother there are a lot of things that we have to give up...It's so worth it when we see our children grow into happy healthy little people! :) Just don't let yourself go still need to be YOU. :)

I found your blog at MBC and am following you!
Feel free to stop by and sign up for one of my giveaways! :)