Thursday, October 29, 2009


This is not my usual, so bare with me. I recently discovered E.L.F cosmetics. I found E.L.F through a give away offer by Theta Mom. Let me start by saying, I have not been given these products to review nor have I been given money to review. Upon viewing the products online, I decided to actually purchase the products.

The first time I viewed the make up, I thought it had to be a gimmick. The prices were so cheap I didn't think it was for real. After some thought, I decided to give it a try and ordered a predesigned make-up kit for light skin. I payed a total of $22.00 for the kit and shipping. I received $2 shipping by going here. I received my kit yesterday and am very pleased. I love the eyeshadow brush the most. I liked the make up so much, I ordered more last night. And get this, with a special offer for just making a purchase I received this. For $9.95 I got the free mini-makeup kit, cuticle cream, an eyeliner, and makeup wedges and shipping charges.

Now let me say, I usually wear Merle Norman and this is not the same quality. However, the quality of the makeup far exceeds the price that you pay. I recommend E.L.F cosmetics! They even have men's products.

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